PennDesign, Year-End Show 2016

Annually, the seniors in the graduate programs at the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania (PennDesign) showcase their work to kick-off graduation weekend. Untuck was commissioned to visually communicate this year’s theme, Transformations, in their gallery space on campus.

Our interpretation of Transformations began with the creation of the identity—15 mirrored letters over brightly colored bands. The bands are presented in a methodical color change from red to blue in the PennDesign palette.

Large-scale banners were installed on the exterior of the School of Design building on campus to attract an audience to the exhibition. Floor-to-ceiling transparent color clings were applied to specific windows throughout the building to transform the space upon entering, and then again in the lower gallery space. The second floor clings could be seen from below, in the galley, draping the space in color. These bands of color help to illuminate the space by flooding it with colored light, creating an exciting atmosphere for student work.

We also collaborated with Love Sick to create a promotional video for the PennDesign programs (architecture, city & regional planning, fine arts, historical restoration and landscape architecture). This dynamic video documents the students and faculty through interview sessions and features footage of the technical labs used by the advanced degree programs. The finished video was unveiled during the exhibition.

Additional work that rounded out the identity consisted of motion graphics, floor decals, vinyl lettering, student nameplates for their exhibition work, and a hand-out for the opening reception.


The PennDesign Year-End Show won an American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Philadelphia Design Award.