Penn Urban Studies, Event Suite

Penn Urban Studies, a program at the University of Pennsylvania, was in need of a design system to promote events that could be easily customized by its in-house team. During our initial discovery phase, we encountered some readability and production issues with the program’s existing logo. To first improve the logo, we isolated the existing mark, identified its basic shape, then worked to simplify it. This, along with a new type configuration, gives the logo the flexibility to display in any medium with full readability while making the program name prominent.



The event suite includes a promotional poster and postcard as well as event and news email templates. It is important for the system of materials to be eye-catching and energetic to appeal to the Penn audience and encourage attendance, while keeping the design simple enough for Penn to update on a regular basis. We established an unexpected, vibrant color palette and a tight grid stressing type hierarchy to keep content well-organized. For allow for further customization, the Penn team has the ability to change the large background photo, selecting from a variety of event-specific shots or generic urban images, giving them many options to fit in with the design system.