Graphic Designer’s Resource Guide: Websites and Mobile UI Tools

Guess what? It’s your lucky day! We’ve been carefully cultivating a list of our favorite design resources and will be posting them somewhat regularly for your increased productivity power. (Here is where you can find our last posts about photostypography, and textures/art/photoshop actions).

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Whether you are a web designer that busts out the code with the best of them, a print designer that avoids designing for web at all costs, or somewhere between the two, these resources should be helpful for you. We’ve found resources that offer collections of full site and mobile design inspiration, stockpiles of buttons and icons, and even some very easy web page builders that have come a long way from the DIY Geocities pages of 1995.
Don’t Fear the Internet
A collaboration between type-letterer Jessica Hische and her husband, Russ Maschmeyer, Don’t Fear the Internet is billed as “HTML and CSS for Non-Web Designers.” They start at the beginning by explaining that the internet is not just a series of tubes (nor is it run by the Doozers from Fraggle Rock, in case that was your other theory).
You know how when (insert name of a relative here) comes to you and wants you to design them a bang-up website for free? And maybe you’re a print designer and don’t feel like spending your free weekends figuring out how to build a website that works and is attractive? Send them here. Onepager can help anyone build simple, one page websites for businesses.
Site Inspire
Site Inspire offers a carefully curated gallery of beautiful websites that are tagged and categorized for when you’re looking for web design inspiration.
UI Parade’s UI Toolkit gives you a giant source of buttons, icons, textures, shapes, patterns and actions for only $8. You’ll never draw another carat in Photoshop again!
If you’re designing a mobile site, even the mundane should be functional and well-designed. Mobile UI Patterns is a photostream of screenshots taken on mobile devices to showcase the user interface design.