A while back, we had a 90s music playlist going at the office, and we all got to talking about what our favorite albums of the 90s were. For me, Weezer’s Blue album and Sublime’s self-titled album were easily my top two based on how scratched up those two CDs were by the end of the decade. But if I had to pick three, what would the last one be? I’ll be honest, for the purposes of this illustration, I ended up picking Metallica’s Black album because that snake was really easy to illustrate after doing the art for the other two albums. That’s not to say that I didn’t listen to that album on repeat for long stretches and keep Metallica as my favorite band until they blocked me from Napster. Napster! Ha!

(And if you’re curious, because I would be, my other option was to illustrate the ten-way tie between the others: Bush’s Sixteen Stone [ahem, note the easter egg in the illustration], the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack [young hearts run free!], Fiona Apple’s Tidal [moody teenager music], No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom [rebellious female teenager music], Nirvana’s In Utero [one of my very first purchases from Columbia House, how adult!], Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe [I went through an extended goth phase], Weezer’s Pinkerton [naturally], Garbage’s self-titled album [Shirley Manson = role model], and Green Day’s Dookie [I remember whiting out all the curse words in the CD booklet in case my parents ever decided to read it. They didn’t.])

Illustration by: Julie Rado