National Urban League, 2015 State of Black America

This week, the National Urban League (NUL) released its capstone publication, 2015 State of Black America (SOBA), to a standing-room only crowd at Liaison Capital Hill, Washington, DC where carried the event live. Within 24 hours of its release, NUL received more media coverage for the publication than for any past State of Black America report.

“Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs + Justice” is the 39th edition of the State of Black America (and the sixth consecutive edition that UNTUCK has designed), but it’s the first time that the publication will be presented as an all-digital edition that offers a multimedia and social experience providing more interaction with readers, enhanced search-ability, and year-round updates.

This year’s publication focuses on education reform and the need to affect positive change from the local level (to then spread outward to the federal level). The cover comments on the problems that the education system in America has been facing: a focus on testing reflects low scores across the country and low graduation rates, which then create issues in the areas of jobs + justice. Access to quality education for children is a key component in setting them on a path to graduation, college, and fulfilling careers that can support a family—which breaks the cycle of poverty and can create long-term change. The education theme is carried throughout the design with chalkboard type, and crosses are used as a recurring graphic symbol for both positive societal change and to symbolize the idea of saving our cities.

You can check out the ebook on Amazon or access the full site.