Climate Central Pulp Fiction Special Report Microsite, User Interface Design Library

Climate Central, a nonprofit news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science, often develops microsites to expand on various topics such as the disappearance of glaciers or the rise of sea levels. Its typical internal process for creating one of these microsites was flawed, inefficient and budget-draining. When Climate Central should have been focusing its energy on developing tailored content, it was bogged down with inconsistent design styles that often required lengthy customization.

In partnership with the web development team at Pedrera, Untuck was challenged to streamline the process for Climate Central to make launching a microsite easy to manage.

First, we determined the different types of content that would be included in these special reports. We then created a library of user interface design elements, along with a comprehensive digital style guide, for those defined content types such as images, captions, infographics, Highcharts, call-outs and statistic side bars. This resulting design library was then used to create the first of a three-part Pulp Fiction Special Report Microsite.

Climate Central’s internal team would now be able to tap into this vast library and easily modify the design templates to implement future special reports, while still maintaining the underlying site structure, on an as needed basis. The Future of National Parks and Documenting Glaciers are two reports Climate Central executed subsequently.

In addition, the Pulp Fiction Special Report microsite won an Online News Association (ONA) award for explanatory reporting, which is a prestigious national journalism award.