Monument Lab, Identity & Website

Looking to launch in the spring of 2015, Monument Lab, a public art and urban research project based in Philadelphia came to UNTUCK to develop an identity suite and a one-page website. This initiative poses the question, “What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?”

The ambitious project features artist installations and aims to stimulate civic participation by having the public submit their own ideas for Philadelphia’s monument. To begin the creative process, we explored how public spaces are defined and used for civic engagement.


From the start, our idea of using an empty square as part of the identity was logical. It can represent both an artist’s blank canvas and one of the five squares of Philadelphia (Penn/Centre Square, Franklin Square, Washington Square, Logan Square, and Rittenhouse Square), inviting people to imagine what should go into that vacant space. After various sketches and drafts, we landed on a creative solution that uses a mix of hand-drawn squares—symbolizing different viewpoints while still leaving a slate clean for the public to imagine its ideal monument to represent Philadelphia.



Visit the Monument Lab website.

Press on the initiative can be found here.