Back in November 2012, John unselfishly devoted his upper lip to the experience known as Movember, fully expecting and prepared for the uncomfortable stares and mocking jests that would follow suit. He survived the 30-day facial hair growing challenge and three years later, we decided to revisit that embarrassing time, remember the worthy cause, and look back at the fun we had creating moustaches.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Movember Foundation raises money and awareness to improve men’s health issues (think prostate cancer, testicular cancer, physical inactivity). Just grow and groom your mustache for the month of November, raise funds for men’s health, start a conversation. Pretty simple.

UNTUCK lent some design power by releasing a series of unique, styling ‘stache prints inspired by famous mustachioed men (and one woman) on each day of Movember.

Watch the video, browse through the moustaches, make a donation.



A big thank you goes out to super friend and client, Tim Dutton of ECA. He not only was the first team member in 2012, but also lent his magnificent moustache to the little inspirational video we spliced together. Credit to M. Ward for his perfectly perfect song, Regeneration No. 1.