National Writing Project, 2015 Annual Report Site

In Collaboration with SteegeThomson Communications


Strategic communications firm SteegeThomson approached us to create a one-page annual report website for its client, National Writing Project (NWP). Among the top requirements for the site were that it be responsive for optimal viewing across devices, that it guide users through the story of NWP’s year with quick hit data points, and that it elegantly integrate long-form educator stories for demonstrated impact. The site also needed to be flexible enough for NWP to modify in order to function as the organization’s annual report for the next two years.

The resulting site utilizes a fixed scrolling style—where a section’s main content remains static on the left, while statistics that are relevant to that content are scrolled through on the right—with seamless section transitions. This format creates a more varied, immersive and linear content experience where supporting data points, pull quotes and captioned photos can be selectively used to highlight NWP’s impact.


Custom icon system created for the annual report site.

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