Penn Institute for Urban Research, Feeding Cities Conference

Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) is a leading organization for urban studies, research and planning at the University of Pennsylvania. Its 2013 Feeding Cities Conference addresses one of our biggest global problems—food security. When millions of people are going to bed hungry, and billions are suffering from obesity-related diseases, we should all take a closer look at the availability and safety of our food systems. UNTUCK was approached by Penn IUR to develop a logo and comprehensive identity to promote the informative three-day event.

After analyzing research and planning documentation from Penn IUR, UNTUCK formed the creative guidelines for the event identity. We presented mood boards, proposed logos, and began to mold the brand of the conference through key words and images. The resulting materials ranged from event programs and take away bags to an informative user interface experience. Attendees defined the event experience as bold, urban, energetic, and of course, informative.

The “Tipping Point” logo is precariously balanced on a green triangle, symbolic of the current state of crisis of the food security industry. It also represents the crucial balance between urban population growth, sustainable agriculture and rural development.



Playing off the triangle, sharp angles were incorporated into the larger identity, along with a vibrant color palette (magenta, lime, warm gray) to create a clean, modern approach to all things conference: website, posters, promotional materials, badges, onsite collateral, reports. An 88-page perfect bound report was later released documenting the conference research, sessions and influential speakers of the well attended conference.



The conference identity seamlessly translates to the Feeding Cities website to create an exciting area to browse. It provides users with access to information from the three-day conference including session videos, media coverage, speaker credentials and reference materials. It has become a place to learn and collaborate.