The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, Annual Report and Design System

The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania is an incubator for energy policy innovation. The Center focuses on creating opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals to debate viewpoints, explore options, and develop agendas for decision and action regarding energy policy.

The existing collateral for the relatively new Center was created a la carte without a cohesive brand strategy or a singular presence to effectively communicate its message. The challenge was to develop a unique identity for The Kleinman Center while also leveraging the powerful and easily recognizable Penn brand.

By conducting a thorough brand assessment with various strategy and research sessions, we developed a unified suite of materials created to help The Kleinman Center engage its audience. The resulting system is clean, modern, energetic, but still Penn-focused and easy to manage. The new visual language was adapted to Kleinman’s first annual report, then extended to the rest of the suite, including stationery.