United Way, 2016-17 Driving Impact Campaign

When a long-standing client is receptive to exploring a new approach with us, it gives us all the feels. This is just what happened when United Way approached us with its 2016–17 Campaign. United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey aimed to distill down its usual annual campaign messaging and reinvent its main Impact Fund booklet. Some of the key objectives included forming a stronger connection to its audience, better articulating the Impact Fund cycle, creating a more unique piece when compared to previous years and incorporating a digital component.

To appeal to regional CEOs and Employee Campaign Chairs (ECCs), “Your Guide to Driving Impact” was hatched as an oversized, multi-page road map explaining United Way’s mission and qualifications. In order to garner support from their employees, CEOs and ECCs are encouraged to display this Impact Map to easily show how their company’s partnership with United Way helps to invest charitable donations back into the local community. Testimonials of donors, partners and recipients who have taken part in the United Way journey are featured on the road map, along with a brief overview of how the Impact Fund works.



A dynamic, interactive version of the map was then developed in the form of a responsive, one-page website, which acts as the main digital presentation used by the United Way outreach team on their iPads. As the viewer scrolls through specific areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, location-specific recipient stories and iconography (like blueberries for Atlantic County, NJ, the blueberry capital of the world, for example) are showcased to deepen the sense of place and, in turn, user experience.