Climate Central, User Interface Design

Climate Central is an independent, non-partisan organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public. WxShift (pronounced “weather shift”) is a comprehensive weather program by Climate Central, working to bring you the latest in weather and climate information.

Thanks to our friends at Pedrera, Climate Central came to Untuck with a partially-realized user interface design for and asked us to pick up where another agency had left off. What started as a partial skeleton of a home page, a few wireframes, and the beginnings of a set of weather icons ended with a robust weather website that was different from all of the others. Rather than weather only, it was weather informed by the real impacts of climate change.

The completed site is totally responsive, packed with gorgeous charts, videos and images triggered by weather conditions and location. It is deeply informative with tailored content funnels to help users unearth unique content that matters.

Check out The Washington Post press coverage here.

“In a visually stunning display, strives to place the current weather forecast in the context of past and future climate changes. It presents the typical 7-day weather forecast information for any U.S. location, while complementing these predictions with dynamic charts that illustrate if local conditions are trending warmer or colder.” – Jason Samenow, The Washington Post

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