The Lighting Practice, Website

After seven years and a major growth spurt, The Lighting Practice (TLP) recognized that it was time for a new website to better leverage modern technologies and ease the chore of generating and maintaining fresh content. In addition to being responsive on all devices, it needed to form deeper content relationships to engage its broad array of potential and recurring users while communicating TLP’s expert point of view and unique office culture.

The work section of the site displays a curated list with loads of gorgeous custom photography to show the diversity of the work and types of projects that TLP has completed across sectors. Users can also access a complete project list with filtering by vertical market and by region to browse the firm’s immense breadth of work.

The Lighting Practice is committed to learning and growth, and its new site continues its commitment to taking ordinary spaces and making them extraordinary.



Early on with the TLP team, we brainstormed a wink feature that would capture the quality of changing light throughout the day. This “day/night” feature detects the time of day on a user’s computer, then applies a corresponding style sheet to the website in real time, to create a “day” or “night” design.