Advocacy in action

for Women Against Abuse

The Situation

As a nonprofit organization created to help victims of domestic violence and their children, Women Against Abuse has become one of the largest domestic violence programs in the country. After years spent working with volunteer and freelance graphic designers, it was clear that the organization needed not only a much more cohesive identity, in both look and message, but also a partner in developing a strategic branding roadmap. It needed to align with an expert that could help better express its mission and objectives, and provide the tools to communicate effectively with target audiences.

Our Approach

UNTUCK took a complete look at Women Against Abuse, from both a design and messaging perspective, to determine that a more positive voice of hope was needed. The life-changing benefits of its services should be communicated to its constituency. By revamping an existing recognizable identity, we appropriately incorporated a more vivid color palette, uplifting photography with hand-crafted illustrations and typography. In addition, UNTUCK worked side by side with the Women Against Abuse team to determine the most effective methods and vehicles for marketing the cause and increasing donations, year after year.

While the theme for each year’s annual report changes, Women Against Abuse continues to provide a message of hope, action and change to its constituency. Powerful survivor stories are weaved throughout the reports, highlighting the organization’s emergency services, transitional housing, program statistics and financial data. Our goal is to fully express the positive impact of the organization on the greater Philadelphia community.

Women Against Abuse has a bevy of powerful stories to tell. It only makes sense to feature these stories within a medium that can evolve and change with the click of a button. Equipped with a fully customized Expression Engine content management system, the organization can share these survivor stories and initiate user action in a moment’s notice.

Women Against Abuse initiated a social marketing campaign in 2008 to create a city-wide awareness of the domestic violence epidemic. Our solution was to create a simple act of solidarity, the I Pledge Campaign. To this day, its sole purpose is to engage Philadelphians to make a visible pledge against domestic violence. Light post banners and bus shelter signs can be seen around City Hall each year in October for domestic violence awareness month.

A peaceful pledge made with a raised open palm makes a stand against abusive raised fists. A voice unafraid speaks out for those suffering from abuse. The hand-drawn type and simple illustrations make the cause easily relatable.