Speaking out for our region’s children

for Public Citizens for Children & Youth

The Situation

Public Citizens for Children & Youth (PCCY) is a policy leader in regional children’s issues. The organization is an impartial convener on behalf of children and serves as a referenced expert and trusted source for information. PCCY is looking to grow a movement, build a demand for child-centered, family-centered smart policy and investment. UNTUCK was brought on to assess the organization and develop a visual identity to increase its visibility throughout the Philadelphia region.

Our Approach

UNTUCK worked closely with PCCY to execute a brand assessment, develop a new visual identity to increase brand awareness and promote PCCY as a progressive, sophisticated, active and results-driven research and advocacy organization. We recommended that PCCY position itself as a proven expert advocacy organization that tirelessly works to grow smarter, healthier and safer kids. A cohesive message and personalized materials were created, as well as an easy to navigate, informative website.

The new identity confidently projects the core organizational attributes of approachable and dynamic. With a logo constructed using a mix of friendly soft and stable hard edges, a varied and vibrant color palette and a series of flexible, yet meaningful pattern work, PCCY stands apart with a voice impossible to ignore.


Any organization with five major audiences (parents, policymakers, advocates, experts and media pros) and oodles of research and resources at their disposal needs a well organized site architecture. We built PCCY a well designed, robust and responsive custom WordPress site with instantaneous search and filtering capabilities, giving both the end user and content creator a pleasant experience.