More than marketing research

for Evolution Consulting & Research 

The Situation

As the original name suggested, Evolution Marketing Research delivered valuable marketing research to its clients in the health care industry. But it also served as a strategic partner and consultant providing insight and early-stage product assessments. Most clients viewed Evolution as an extension of their companies and valued the relationship. Clearly, it was more than just a numbers-crunching operation and its identity needed to reflect that.

Our Approach

An extensive brand audit was conducted by UNTUCK to help Evolution find its new voice and take a big step forward. After in-depth interviews, strategy sessions, and creative briefs, Evolution Consulting & Research was established. The updated name and new positioning along with a new logo and visual identity further sets Evolution apart from its competition. Smart, sophisticated messaging conveys a tone of innovation which pairs well with the intricate maze-like patterns in the design suite.

As a collective of brilliant, quirky, forward-thinking, problem-solvers, the Evolution team is at the center of all its engagements, carefully leading partners to inspired insights. Affectionately coined “Mazey” by the Evolution team, the circular mark follows a singularly navigable path capturing the essence of the company.

The website experience is a little different, slightly innovative, a whole lot advanced and overflowing with personality. Built on WordPress, users can browse through Evolution’s thought leadership, areas of expertise, company philosophies and even interact with the human body for condition expertise.