Building a world-class identity

for Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

The Situation

Facilitated by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, World Class Greater Philadelphia is a multi-year initiative that strives to make the region a world-class place to live, work, and play by 2026. Which just happens to be the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. UNTUCK was brought in to develop the visual identity for the initiative and make its findings accessible to business, nonprofit, and government leaders to manage uncertainty and plan more effectively within their own organizations.

Our Approach

To build excitement around the new World Class initiative, UNTUCK positions Philadelphia as a “blue ribbon” city complete with a bold, colorful and cohesive visual identity, to show the potential of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Charts, graphs and projection models are designed to make vast amounts of data easy to digest and reference, providing clear-eyed analysis of metro trends. With the new identity in place, internal communications and presentation materials followed suit to provide consistency.

2026: Future Histories of Greater Philadelphia contains four very different, but very possible, futures for the Philadelphia region. These stories are meant to challenge, provoke and stimulate conversation among Greater Philadelphia’s leaders about what the region must focus on in the years to come.

The Global Positioning Strategies (GPS) report introduces the three World Class priorities of Education and Talent Development, Business Growth and Infrastructure, and outlines aspirational goals to guide the region’s leaders. Since the World Class initiative’s launch in 2009, more than 1,700 cross-sector leaders have contributed to the development of GPS.

The World Class Index is a framework for tracking progress, boosting business growth, and making infrastructure more effective and reliable. It establishes common indicators for local leaders, provides clear-eyed analysis of metro trends, highlights collaborations leading to impact, and points to where immediate action is needed.

A seamless experience across devices was paramount to the success of all digital applications. The first order of business was organizing some complex content presentations and relationships, immediately followed by the wireframing of user interactions. We then joined forces with the developers from P’unk Ave to bring our design template system and library to life on their open source content management system, Apostrophe.

The World Class Greater Philadelphia logo and 2026: Future Histories of Greater Philadelphia report won an American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Philadelphia Design Award.