Aelux, Identity & Brand Development

After completing a successful brand development for Lumigent, a lighting partner for the retrofit lighting industry, UNTUCK was brought on to create a new logo, tagline and brand guidelines for its parent company, Aelux. The business of commercial and industrial lighting retrofits was beginning to shift toward a higher-end clientele that wanted turnkey lighting design services. Since Aelux works directly with each client to seamlessly create a custom-tailored solution, it was important that their brand becomes synonymous with this idea of partnership. The team at Aelux is highly detail-driven and greatly values its personal client relationships, which are key differentiators for the company.

The final logo is a simple word mark with custom type. The letterforms are rounded and lowercase (friendly and approachable). The idea of partnership is conveyed within the negative space of the X in two different ways. First, the bars of the X all point toward the middle of the letterform, which represents the “meeting of the minds” and collaborating to find the solution that makes the most sense for their specific situation. Second, the negative space in the X also forms a plus sign—a positive nod to the Aelux promise of being, “A better lighting partner.”