Eastern University, 2009–2010 Annual Report

Eastern University is a Christian university dedicated to academic excellence, preparing students to lead thoughtful, faithful and productive lives with an emphasis on faith, leadership and service. The aim of this report, as any annual report, is to provide a review of the past year’s activities, more specifically, in Eastern’s schools, its programs and its faculty. The report’s secondary goal is to frame the upcoming capital campaign for the university.


UNTUCK crafted the theme, We Believe, to present the duality of Eastern and support its new brand attributes through a series of intimate statements from alumni, current students and faculty members. These beliefs are the focus of the report, serving as the common thread for the past, present and future of Eastern. Collectively these ‘I’ profiles make up the ‘We’ in Eastern to form the Eastern community as a whole.

We Believe is also very plainly and simply a testament of faith, driving home the biblical framework of the university.