National Urban League, Save Our Cities Conference Identity

The city of Baltimore, Maryland has an eclectic community, a rich history and has been the subject of many recent newscasts. The past and present civil unrest in the city has given rise to many protests. For this reason, the National Urban League 2016 Conference—aptly titled, Save Our Cities—was held there last week.

For the eighth straight year, Untuck was selected to create the identity and brand standards for the conference, which takes the form of various print collateral and on-site signage. As with every conference identity, we aim to develop a concept that heavily reflects the location as well as the theme. By mixing typefaces, font weights and disparate, asymmetrical shapes, we crafted a collage-like effect for the identity, embracing the eclectic personality, tense mood and diverse community of Baltimore. The resulting conference design speaks of an organized chaos, which also allowed for a very bold, flexible identity.