Graphic Designer’s Resource Guide: Textures, Art, and Photoshop Actions

Guess what? It’s your lucky day! We’ve been carefully cultivating a list of our favorite design resources and will be posting them somewhat regularly for your increased productivity power. (Here’s where you can find our last two posts about photo resources and typography).

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Photoshop magic is a real thing. Personally, we think it comes in the form of the actions palette and batch editing, but there are other ways in which we’ve seen it manifest: seamless, already-made patterns—check. High resolution textures—check. Fancy blog templates—check. Using the clone stamp tool sparingly and seamlessly—alright, that might be a skill that is honed over time, not just wizardry. Whichever way you take your Photoshop magic, there’s surely some here that’s up your alley.
Subtle Patterns
Just what the title suggest, this site offers seamless, subtle Photoshop patterns for free download.
The Graphics Fairy
The Graphics Fairy is a treasure chest of vintage art that is free to download and use. This is especially awesome if you’re into vintage typography!
Pugly Pixel
This site offers many free fabric textures, blog templates, and photoshop actions for free (they also offer lots of stuff for a cheap download and have many tutorials).
Night Fate’s Actions (on Deviant Art) 
This is a set of Photoshop actions uploaded by Deviant Art user Night Fate—they’re free to use in personal or commercial work and crediting is optional.
This site offers free Photoshop action downloads for basic tasks like resizing artwork that will help your workflow.
As they say on their website, “Dealing with grids in Photoshop is a pain. With GuideGuide, it doesn’t have to be.” GuideGuide lets you save your guides to use them again and make accurate columns and baselines.